About Me

Greetings! Having spent 15 years in the Army I am thoroughly enjoying my new career as a Database Administrator. For the most part I am a production DBA and I’m responsible for our SQL Server & Oracle RDB environments. Having started as a DBA in 2012 I am still relatively new to the DBA World, and SQL Server. I find the position challenging and rewarding, and the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) community thriving. When possible I attend monthly PASS user group meetings in Madison, Waukesha, and Chicago. I also love to attend the annual SQLSaturday events in Madison, Chicago & Minneapolis, as well as the annual PASS Summit Conference and find the community and networking almost more valuable than the topical sessions.

I’m also an avid fan of The Arsenal, and Thierry Henry.

You can contact me by leaving comments on this blog or via twitter.