Arsenal v QPR (27.10.12)

1 Nil to the Arsenal!  Another hugely lackluster performance wherein AFC controls the ball for 80% of the match without producing much in the way of shots on goal and, of course, goals.  This time I watched the match from the local pub, and there are often fellow Gooners on hand to share in the pain.  I’m not going to go into another tirade regarding the fact that we still find our heros Aaron Ramsey at the right striker, and Andre Santos holding down the left back.  Neither of these two are qualified to fill these slots in the reserves much less the Prem, unless they are doing so from QPR.

No, I’ll leave these two alone this week and instead focus on the withering abilities of Arsene Wenger to put together a competent side which should have blown away the likes Norwich & QPR.  To the point AW holds firm to his 60-70-80 formula with regard to making match substitutions.  I should do some research as to why this is the standard operating procedure.  It was again abundantly clear that something was missing early in the match, yet Arsene Wenger failed to do anything.  Then predictably at 67′ he replaces Jack Wilshere with Ramsey by way of Theo Walcott.  Ok so it is Jack’s first match back and expecting 90 from him may be too much.  I can understand this.  However once AR went into the midfield, he disappeared from the game, save for a few moments in which he graciously handed the ball back to the QPR defense.  I’m sure they were grateful.  Then at 72 minutes on come Gevinho on the left for the hard working Lukas Podolski.  I’m not sure what is going on here as Podolski has yet to turn out 90 minutes.  One Gooner from the bar quipped “What the hell?  Is it in his contract that he only plays for 70?”   We were all completely frustrated with the match, at the incessant passing between our defense and Mannone, then to the midfield where Ramsey gives it away.

Eventually our misery is aleviated through a blown Offside call in favor of The Arsenal allowing Mikel Arteta to find the back of the net.  The play between Arteta and his compatriot Santi Cazorla this season has been fantastic.  I can only dream of what these two would produce if there was a competent striker in the post in front of them.  Even though I have no love for RVP any longer, and almost wish bad things to happen to him I can’t help but wonder where we would be with the Spaniards feeding the Dutchman.

Speaking of a competent striker, I cannot understand why Arsene Wenger refuses to give Theo a shot in favor of Olivier Giroud, Gervinho, & Arshavin!  Even more, we have an abundance of highly skilled midfielders and still we play a 4-3-3 without 1 single quality lone striker.