Volunteering for your Community

So a while back I wrote about What Does it Take to Run a SQL Saturday. That was from an outsider (ie one that didn’t actually plan or run a SQL Saturday), and just what I could think of based on my volunteering to monitor sessions. This year I decided to do a little more for my #SQLPASS Community. First I approached someone that I knew on the SQL Saturday Madison planning team and told them I’d like to help plan next year’s SQL Saturday. They graciously accepted and I’ve been tasked to help plan and coordinate the event. I’m already learning that my post from last year hit a lot of the planning points, but I had no idea that planning an event in April began in September!

I also volunteered to help at the SQLPASS Summit 2014 this year, and I was able to provide answers to questions and directions to an event as an Ambassador. Sure it felt odd standing in one spot as hundreds of people walked by without noticing me, even as I wore a bright red vest with AMBASSADOR emblazoned on the back. But a few people asked for directions to the event, directions to a street I’ve never heard of in a town I’ve only been in once before, and other odds and ends that I can’t remember off hand. But it gave me a chance to meet a few more people that I otherwise would not have met.

It feels good to help, even in the small tasks. No one will ask you to head the planning of the event (unless you really really want to) and you can do as much or as little as you’re comfortable with. But you might be able to give just enough to unburden someone else that is ready to crack!

So a massive thanks to all of the volunteers out there, not just in my SQLPASS community, but in all things. Sacrificing one’s time is an easy way to give.

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