Tweak your SQL Server Management Studio! Tip #3

Previously on Tweak your SQL Server Management Studio…

In Tip #1 I covered how to open a gloriously empty SSMS environment with no pop ups!
Tip #2 was all about Registered Servers

Today in Tip #3 I want to quickly cover something I use all the time, not just in SSMS.  Keyboard Shortcuts!


keyboardshortcutsnumber001It drives me crazy to watch people hit the start button, go to all programs, scroll to the folder, find the application, and then click it…  Seriously people…  Windows Key (on the keyboard), and start typing the name!  Want to open SSMS?  Windows Key + type SSMS and you’re done!


Ok, I get it…  It drives my wife nuts when I’m just hitting ctl+keys to make the computer do things, but whatever, it’s faster!!!


You can get the same thing in SSMS.  Some are so easy, like F5 to run the query.  I actually don’t like this one, running the query should be harder! I’ve accidentally F5’d when trying to hit the #5 so many times, that I’ve actually removed the F5 Execute, and just use CTL+E instead.  FWIW CTL+E already works, if you’d prefer that one.   Here are some pics on how to remove the F5 Execute and how to add it back.


So back on topic!  Query Shortcuts.  There are soooooo many queries that we run daily / weekly, etc, that you should start to really look into query shortcuts.

Right about the same place as the other tips I’ve discussed, Tools > Options > Keyboard > Query Shortcuts you’ll find a really simple UI to set up custom shortcuts to the queries you run the most.  You can of course create your own Stored Procs and fire those off from here too.

keyboardshortcutsnumber004 You can see that a few are here by default.  I’d recommend adding others, like sp_blitz from Brent Ozar Unlimited (b|t), and sp_whoisactive by Adam Mechanic (b|t).






Alright, that’s it for short cuts.  There are loads of them out there, what do you find to be the most useful?  Are you going to use this for your environment going forward?  Let me know!

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  2 comments for “Tweak your SQL Server Management Studio! Tip #3

  1. Norbert
    May 26, 2016 at 1:27 pm

    You my friend are awesome.

    • Ryan Desmond
      June 20, 2016 at 1:03 pm

      I’m glad you found some use for this!

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