SQL Server, Visual Studio, and TFS walk in to a bar…


Task: Create a TFS Database Project

Conditions: Project will allow Deployment of Changes from the Developer’s DB to the TestDB and ultimately to ProductionDB.

Attempts: So I’m importing two production databases to VS2012 and then hopefully checking them in to our TFS.

My questions are:

1) Is it possible to maintain 1 database across 3 servers using VS2012 / TFS?
2) Can change management function as required in conditions?
3) Am I close?
4) Where can I learn more about what I want to do?

We currently have 3 servers up, but they are no where close to being similar. I’m trying to get Development and Test in line with production and trying to come up with a system to maintain all 3 equally, with version control.

Thanks for any and all replies!

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