Romancing the SQL Server!

So there I was, alone in the wilderness with nothing but my PC and Google for survival. This time, Google was proving to be helpful. The wilderness was winning.

This was a classic case of Man vs Machine! I was setting out to conquer SQL Server 2008. Our database changes were untracked and growing rapidly. The Senior DBA couldn’t distinguish one login from another, had no clue why some even existed! We were losing.

I decided to resurect an old project that had been tabled because it was unruly in its own right. Our developers had recently implemented Team Foundation Server 2012 and I thought this was a perfect time to recreate our database projects on TFS. So I set out, creating projects for Database1, Database2, Database3, Database 4, etc… I began to import the production databases to their project files, some were 6 hour imports. I worked on it through the weekend, determined to make up some lost ground.

We had scrapped our DB projects in the past because there were too many errors. It was tough for the old crew to get motivated with 4000+ errors. To make matters worse, one of the DBAs was the VP of IT and he just did not have time to work on this and so he just continued to make changes via SSMS. The other DBA was really the System Admin and of course he too didn’t have time with the many upgrade and virtualization projects that took priority. So here we are, my first week as THE dedicate DBA, tasked first to fix a data warehouse issue that was not cooperating.

With this win fresh under the belt I charged at VS2012 & my imports. I imported all weekend, and Monday I came in to Build the projects and found 2247 errors! The errors are primarily reference errors and I just could not get Google to provide any solutions. Google was failing like a broken compass, or dead GPS. Everything pointed towards creating a reference to MASTER and MSDB. This may have worked, but there were still 2000+ errors to go through.

Many many minutes and tries later I’m now blazing a new trail through this jungle. I’ve created a DATABASES project within which I’ve created projects for Database1, Database2, etc.. And I’ve begun to import the DBs from production once again. I’ve got about 20 hours of importing ahead of me but before the import began I could reference the databases. I’m just hoping that I don’t end up sliding down a waterfall in a rain forest outside of Caragena.

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