It’s begun – First day as the DBA

So for the past year and a half I’ve been primarily working as the night shift “system support analyst” or help desk tech.  I’ve also been phasing in as a part time DBA for 6 of those months.  This was challenging because the current DBA is the boss and only there during the day, my shift starts at 6pm so we would overlap our schedules twice a week.  Suffice it to say my work was limited to table alterations and creations, with a few queries tossed in.

Finally I’ve moved to the Junior DBA role on days.  Friday was my first day and I was all excited to get going.  I spent the morning running through some requested database changes, checking on servers and logs, and meeting with application developers.

We’ve had no structure or formal process to make changes to databases other than the boss that built them making the changes.  So I know this blog is currently not read by many (if any) other DBAs but I’m looking for resources in how I go from Help Desk to DBA and start off doing things right.  How do you take on the databases of a new company?  What are your first steps?  Add to my very limited list!

  1. Inventory all servers for SQL Server Instances
  2. Check Backup Logs
  3. Check Event Logs (System)

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