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The first entry into the journaling under the DBAGooner title lands itself firmly in the Gooner category.  After what seemed like months off for the international break everyone was ready for league action to start again.  AFC was looking poised to come off a successful spell prior to the break with an easy 3 points from Norwich.  Sadly as I work nights I had to watch this off the DVR while in Social Media blackout mode until the match was over.  So about 3 hours after the game had already concluded I settled in wearing my PJs and AFC Scarf to watch my Gunners dominate this team that resides 3rd from the bottom of the table.
Then I saw it.  The sight I dread in every AFC match.  The signal (to me) that is akin to seeing the entire US Armed Forces throw down their arms and raise white flags of surrender to an Army of wombats.  #16 was on the pitch.  The overrated and over lauded Aaron Ramsey of Wales (rightly stripped of the armband in my opinion) set to hold us back and give the Canaries a fighting chance.  Somehow this little @$$ makes amends match after match by scoring a goal or getting an assist, and that one singular act seems to assuage all Gooners of the other 89 minutes of sheer terror.  OK, I’m a little over critical, on occasion AR makes some great open field tackles, I will give him that.  But he is quick to make a bad pass or just outright lose the ball after getting AFC to shift to attack which often leaves us vulnerable for the counter.  AR is the biggest liability on our bench.  Chamakh for all his weaknesses isn’t key to the defense, with Chamakh on the field it’s like we’re 10 v 11, with AR its closer to 10 v 12 as his actions favor the other side.
AR coupled with OGiroud were signs we weren’t taking this serious.  As for the tactics of AW I am completely lost.  It makes no sense to me how the least knowledgeable spectators could see inside 20 minutes that AR was terrible and OG was not going to score.  Yet true to his playbook AW waits for 60 minutes and then subs out one of our hardest working players and the one most-likely-to-score in Poldi.  AW’s playbook which was published in the 90s, has been read, copied, and updated by every other manager is so transparent other sides know they can take it easy if they are holding their own because AW won’t do anything to stir up the game.  I could write a software application that manages just as well in about 4 lines of code.  It’s time for the professor to research new tactics or retire.
Well this turned into quite the rant of pent up frustration. I support AFC fully, I don’t know that I can support AW or IGazidis as I think these two are ruining AFC simply by being out of ideas on how to make things better.
I will say one thing, teams have AFC pegged.  This isn’t the first bottom of the table team to shore up the defense and prevent AFCs dream of a crossing goal.  Hey on that note, why do we continually strike down the wing pretending we can score from a cross?  Our goals come from play through the middle, which was non-existent in today’s match.  I’m looking forward to a crossing goal or a strike from a corner, but I think we have would have more luck keeping our captain at the end of the season.


That’s it.  My rant is over.  Until 10/24 when we face FC Schalke 04 in the UEFA Champions League.


Ryan @DBAGooner


P.S.  Anyone hear all of the Robin van Persie chants???

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