Certification Path – (MCSA)

Last year I attended 3 training courses to begin learning how to DBA. My goal was to take the 3 exams necessary to obtain my MCSA Certification. At the end of the courses I had little real world application experience of the materials covered in the courses, and I didn’t feel ready to take those exams.

After a year of real world SQL Server experience I’ve had to troubleshoot performance, build new instances to upgrade production, test, and development environments, and a lot of query / procedure writing. With this last year’s experience I feel that I can attack these courses / exams again, and I wanted to blog about how I’m going about this challenge.

First, as most of these training courses use databases that aren’t my production or test databases, and since I don’t want to make changes to anything others will be using I created a new instance of SQL Server 2012 on my test machine; DBATraining12. On this instance I’ll likely have the Adventure Works database, and any that are included in the Microsoft Press books which I’ll be using.

Guide: (Link to relevant Blog Post is in the title, link to Microsoft Training is in the Exam Number)
Certification Path (MCSA)
Querying SQL Server 2012 (70-461)
Administering SQL Server 2012 Databases (70-462)
Implementing a Data Warehouse with SQL Server 2012 (70-463)

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