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Ubuntu, the Senior Project

First off let me say that Windows 8 has brought me back.  After many moons of  living life in the realm of OSX, happily I might add, I needed a PC to more easily work with SQL Server at home.  I did not want to run a VM or remote connect to a windows machine. Read More

What a Week!!!

Normally I’m not a “TGIF” kind of guy.  I enjoy work, I love digging in to the databases to make things better.  This week we rolled out some new technology to virtualize some of our systems.  This is the second round of these upgrades, the first having gone off without a hitch. This week, after Read More

Importing a Production Database to SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT)

First of all as a Gooner (Arsenal FC Fan) BIG CONGRATS to The Arsenal for going 2-0 over Bayern Munich!  And best of luck against Swansea this weekend!  COME ON YOU GUNNERS! On to work stuff…  Well it’s been about 2 weeks in my first DBA position and so far I’ve had to make many Read More

Romancing the SQL Server!

So there I was, alone in the wilderness with nothing but my PC and Google for survival. This time, Google was proving to be helpful. The wilderness was winning. This was a classic case of Man vs Machine! I was setting out to conquer SQL Server 2008. Our database changes were untracked and growing rapidly. Read More

SQL Server, Visual Studio, and TFS walk in to a bar…

Task: Create a TFS Database Project Conditions: Project will allow Deployment of Changes from the Developer’s DB to the TestDB and ultimately to ProductionDB. Attempts: So I’m importing two production databases to VS2012 and then hopefully checking them in to our TFS. My questions are: 1) Is it possible to maintain 1 database across 3 Read More

Killed a Process today.

So on a server I didn’t even know about they had an instance of SQL Server 2012 loaded which was used by a software package.  They had a problem with the original database, built a new one and came to me to delete the old one.  Due to a lack of information what I wanted Read More

It’s begun – First day as the DBA

So for the past year and a half I’ve been primarily working as the night shift “system support analyst” or help desk tech.  I’ve also been phasing in as a part time DBA for 6 of those months.  This was challenging because the current DBA is the boss and only there during the day, my Read More

Arsenal v Man U (3.11.12)

So many Arsenal matches lately it seems this is all I have time to write about! Today brought our Gunners to Manchester in a match against United and against our former ace Robin van Persie. I set out to watch this match expecting a loss, but trying to be a positive supporter. When the cameras Read More

Arsenal v QPR (27.10.12)

1 Nil to the Arsenal!  Another hugely lackluster performance wherein AFC controls the ball for 80% of the match without producing much in the way of shots on goal and, of course, goals.  This time I watched the match from the local pub, and there are often fellow Gooners on hand to share in the pain.  I’m not Read More

Arsenal v Schalke 04 (24.10.12)

Another match day! With great excitement I leaped out of bed this afternoon (remember I work nights) after just 5 hours of sleep, donned my AFC Jersey + Scarf over my PJs and prepared to go GOONER as AFC hosted Schakle 04. Just as MSG stopped annoying me with Erik Wynalda the screen changed and we Read More

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