Author: Ryan Desmond

Volunteering for your Community

So a while back I wrote about What Does it Take to Run a SQL Saturday. That was from an outsider (ie one that didn’t actually plan or run a SQL Saturday), and just what I could think of based on my volunteering to monitor sessions. This year I decided to do a little more Read More

Snapshot of a DBAGooner (2014)

It’s been more than a year since I last wrote a “snapshot” in May of last year. So here is me after my first full year in the position! Last year my goals for the following year were: Learn how to completely manage my databases. (Backups, restores, etc) Take Exams towards MCSA. Well I’ve accomplished Read More

Certification Path – (MCSA)

Last year I attended 3 training courses to begin learning how to DBA. My goal was to take the 3 exams necessary to obtain my MCSA Certification. At the end of the courses I had little real world application experience of the materials covered in the courses, and I didn’t feel ready to take those Read More

What does it take to run a SQL Saturday?

To be honest, I have no idea what the organization entails, nor do I know what the SQL Saturday organizers have to go through. The one thing I do know is that it takes volunteers. Just think about everything that happens on the day before, and the day of the event. 1) Coordinating the facility Read More

Upgrading Production to SQL Server 2012 – My Step-By-Step Procedure (Pt 1 of 2)

I’d like to think I’ve done the proper research to ensure that I’m going about this the correct way, but to be completely honest I was told to do it this way, and found enough other guides to convince myself this was the right method.  The fine folks on twitter have helped to convince me Read More

How I became a Database Administrator

It seems that I am always hearing about the “Accidental DBA,” the person that was given the job because they knew the most about it.  My trip was a bit different, but not out of the ordinary I guess. When I was younger my dad had a Tandy 1000 computer, and I loved it.  I Read More

Ubuntu, the Senior Project

First off let me say that Windows 8 has brought me back.  After many moons of  living life in the realm of OSX, happily I might add, I needed a PC to more easily work with SQL Server at home.  I did not want to run a VM or remote connect to a windows machine. Read More

What a Week!!!

Normally I’m not a “TGIF” kind of guy.  I enjoy work, I love digging in to the databases to make things better.  This week we rolled out some new technology to virtualize some of our systems.  This is the second round of these upgrades, the first having gone off without a hitch. This week, after Read More

Snapshot of a DBAGooner

I read a post from Brent Ozar today titled “Write a Note and Shoot Yourself Today” in which he describes looking back at an old photo of himself and remembering everything about his 9-year-younger self.  A great idea as I am in my first 3 months as a “Junior DBA” and this is a great time Read More

The Annual Review

BACKSTORY: I was hired as a Systems Support tech by my current company almost 2 years ago.  I’ve since been “promoted” from support to the Database Administrator.  The current DBA is the Vice President of Information Tech and his plate is too full to maintain the DBs, thus my luck.  He’s training me on our Read More

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