Arsenal v Man U (3.11.12)

So many Arsenal matches lately it seems this is all I have time to write about! Today brought our Gunners to Manchester in a match against United and against our former ace Robin van Persie. I set out to watch this match expecting a loss, but trying to be a positive supporter. When the cameras turned on the announcer was saying RvP hugged each Gunner prior to the match, I am glad I didn’t see it as I still hate that he left. This would have been like watching Brutus hugging Caesar right before jabbing the knife in.  I understand wanting to leave to win, I really do, but I saw us as contenders this year with him scoring 70% of his goals from last year, instead he chose the easy title, and I hope he retires without a trophy because of it.

But like I was saying, today I was going to remain positive, even though Ramsey and Santos were in the starting XI and our hat-trick scoring should-be striker Theo Walcott was sitting on the bench in favor of Giroud who’s managed to find the net twice all season. Baring all of that I was still set to be positive.

It lasted 2 minutes and 40 seconds. Anyway, it’s 1-0, we can score 1 no problem, we’re still in this. Stay positive.

Yeah it’s not happening. The match was terrible. Both sides played at league 2 level, I’ve seen classier matches in the MLS.

I LOVE my Arsenal. I truly do. What I can’t stand is what my Arsenal has become. Yes, perhaps Ramsey is the best option we have, but only because we sold Song. Yes, Giroud is … well, he’s not Chamakh right… Giroud I suppose is the best option Arsene Wenger is willing to consider, but again, only because we sold van Persie.  Santos, the best option since we sold what’s his name but only because Gibbs is injured. But hey, we’re rocking a £39m profit and Ivan Gazidis is up for CEO of the year. It’s my hope that other CEOs will see what he’s done to AFC and decide to also sell all of their best players in favor higher profits and just like they said, by 2014 we’ll be at the front of the movement.

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